The See Journey | What They’re Saying
The SEE Journey offers the Strategic Emotional Exchange technique to uncover hidden lies and beliefs, exchanging them with the truth. The SEE Journey is a 8-12 session journey, for which counselor certification is available.
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What They’re Saying


Kayla’s Story

In middle school I started getting heavily bullied. I fell into this deep depression. It wasn't until I participated in the SEE Journey where I really started to receive the healing I needed. I am forever changed! It's labeled me an overcomer. Now I have the power to help someone else!

Kayla Green, AZ USA

My relationships with my children have improved - my patience level has increased markedly...I am feeling able to really listen to them. They notice the difference and we have become closer. SEE has also allowed me to really open up to my husband about my feelings and concerns. I am calmer and have stopped picking fights.


SEE has helped me have a beautiful way to exchange my negative emotions into positive emotions. To help me calm and center myself. I loved the SEE course. It has helped me expand my knowledge and feel better about myself.

-K. Rex, NV USA

This weekend I finished my training in SEE. I am officially a SEE Coach (Strategic Emotional Exchange), where I help people communicate and deal with hurts either in their past or in relationships today. Embracing the 4 universal truths, SEE is a tool that helps us exchange the lies for the truth and helps us eliminate negative thoughts and emotions by becoming aware of lies we believe at a subconscious level. I look forward to sharing this journey with others in their emotional freedom.


When I first started SEE I was in a very dark and depressed place in my life. But as the weeks of the program progressed, I began to want to live life again. I also started looking forward to each week's session and feedback. It really works!

-S. Nelson, NV USA

My identity was revealed through this program and I felt great after each session! ...I love SEE and know it is ordained by God and will make a significant impact on people's mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing! ...I can't wait to see where SEE goes!

-G. Burton, NV USA

Before SEE, I was not able to connect the dots between my thoughts, emotions and my behavior. I wasn't able to explain why I felt what I felt, why I thought what I thought and why I responded the way I responded to things. Now it seems as if my brain and my emotions have connected and I have better performance in my day to day life. I feel more free and I have more clarity than I have ever had before. I am thankful for this program and highly recommend it to every living person on this earth. Plus it's creatively expressive and freeing to draw out what you're feeling and exhcange those feelings with what you really want to feel. This is an awesome program that I believe many could benefit from.

-C. Condon, NV USA

I am more at peace and in the right frame of mind and in a good emotional place, that projects into how I interact with the important people in my life. There’s been a big difference in my attitude, my understanding towards my family, friends and strangers or people I interact with. I am better able to be empathetic towards them. Also now when stress or anxiety starts to come, I use my power images to get me back on track. Since doing this program I have had less anxiety attacks and I feel more peaceful. I feel like I have tools to “deal” now. I feel very empowered and it’s by the Grace of God through the SEE program!


I enjoyed the SEE program with Michelle, it was very beneficial for me. The tools I gained are a part of my life and a guidance for future challenges. I am a visual learner. It was an eye opener for me to draw what I was feeling in challenging situations. The experience of drawing a positive situation change was very empowering and freeing for me. Michelle’s interpretations of my drawings were accurate and very power symbols would jump to life releasing new strengths and freedoms.

-C. Straughan, OR USA