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The SEE Journey offers the Strategic Emotional Exchange technique to uncover hidden lies and beliefs, exchanging them with the truth. The SEE Journey is a 8-12 session journey, for which counselor certification is available.
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SPEAKING – Up to two hours

Have the co-founder of The SEE Journey speak at your event or conference! This offering is for two hours or less at a single session, with break.

Michelle will present the background and development of the SEE Journey, including the brain science research that led to the Strategic Emotional Exchange discovery.  Participants will be activated with the foundational SEE Exchange technique, and will receive an initial “power image,” unique to each individual, which will benefit them moving forward.

This is the base session that would lead into the Workshop offering, where people are brought to greater understanding and application of both the SEE Exchange and the Universal Truths that form the foundation of The SEE Journey.

Contact Michelle below to discuss details, pricing, and travel allowances (if applicable).


SEE Journey Workshops (One and two-day)

SEE Journey Workshops build upon the fundamental teachings by stepping through main teaching sessions and several SEE Journey Exercises in small breakout groups. These will be some of the same exercises that are explored in the One-on-One Coaching program with Michelle. The single-day workshop will offer a total of three exercises, and the two-day workshop will offer six exercises. Participants will receive a number of “power images” that will be applicable to identified life challenges. Both workshops will offer valuable instruction on how to read your own drawings with “Language of the Line” sessions, not found in the basic Speaking offering.

Contact Michelle to discuss pricing and travel allowances (if applicable).

Contact us here regarding speaking at your event.
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