The See Journey | Meet Michelle
The SEE Journey offers the Strategic Emotional Exchange technique to uncover hidden lies and beliefs, exchanging them with the truth. The SEE Journey is a 8-12 session journey, for which counselor certification is available.
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Meet Michelle

Who do you believe you are? If you can change that, you can change your life.
Hi, I'm Michelle. A mom, wife, artist, author, art teacher, emotional coach, and believer that you are made priceless and bring a unique identity and purpose to this world. My purpose is to help you see that.

My background is in fine art, particularly painting. I sold paintings through juried shows, galleries, and private commissions for 10 years before I started having kids, two to be exact, Lauren and Jesse. Raising them was a delight on most days, and even on the teary days (mine, not theirs), being Lauren and Jesse’s mom will always be my highest achievement of all time. Through the years of homeschooling, ice hockey, and stinky kendo equipment and the like, I learned what it was to love unconditionally. Now both are grown and have started their own lives.

How We Developed SEE

Michelle and I had been married for 34 years at the time of this writing, and for 29 of those years, she lived with a man with ``no emotions.`` Well, actually, I had two: anxiety and anger. I think she would have been better off with the “no emotion” option! The end result was a marriage that was becoming increasingly unworkable, due completely to unacceptable behaviors that were surfacing in me more and more. It was time to do something, and I had to do it now. I sought counseling, which set me behaviorally straight and in the right direction, sort of like a well-placed kick in the pants, but I wasn’t seeing much, if any, progress in the emotional arena.

PhotoMMblackwhiteMichelle was equally committed to my development (thankfully), and her background in fine art helped her integrate what she knew about the creativity and emotions. She began to work with me using expressive drawing to increase my emotional awareness. Michelle’s drawing exercises began to produce breakthroughs, but I was still having anxiety, especially in the middle of the night.

On one such night, I awoke as usual, and proceeded to draw as I had been doing to express what was going on inside. To my amazement, I was inspired to take the process to new levels and found myself completely calm after only 10 minutes! I crawled back into bed and fell back asleep! This normally would have taken hours of just waiting it out before I could go back to bed. When I awoke in the morning, I told Michelle what happened and how I was able to exchange the anxiety for peace. We knew something amazing had happened. This was a gift!

I began calling it Strategic Emotional Exchange (SEE) and have been doing it regularly since that night. SEE has been a gift to us and our marriage and we feel it has answers for others who need emotional healing. SEE has taken us through forgiveness, better communication, breaking mental ruts of negative thinking and ultimately bringing us closer together. We are now seeing this method transform lives of those suffering from PTSD, anxiety, anger, and low self-esteem like never before! People who have suffered for years are having breakthroughs in these areas. Read their comments HERE.